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NAVA’s digital archives go back to 1967.  Publications for the past two years are available online to NAVA members who log in; all other publications are open access and available to anyone in the world.  See the NAVA Digital Library.

Raven: A Journal of Vexillology

Established in 1994 by then-president Scot Guenter, NAVA’s scholarly, peer-reviewed journal is published annually.  Typically, issues of Raven contain articles on a variety of flag-related topics.  Special issues have appeared as books (on flags of tribes, U.S. cities, Canadian cities, Russian regions, and the Vatican).  Articles appearing in Raven are abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.  Scholars can also access articles through EBSCO.

ISSN 1071-0043 (print) & ISSN 2376-8592 (online)


This quarterly full-color magazine, launched in 2018, is devoted to contemporary flag scholarship, current flag news, and information about NAVA and its members.  It complements Raven by providing a forum for both broad coverage of vexillological topics and inter-disciplinary discussion among authors and scholars.

ISSN 2577-5650 (print) and ISSN 2577-5677 (online)


Our monthly e-mail bulletin shares brief news about NAVA and its activities to our membership, generally monthly.  Semaphore is distributed to all members with current e-mail addresses, relaying messages from the president, other officers, and committees about current issues, events, initiatives, and accomplishments of interest within NAVA.


NAVA members receive a weekly e-blast with links to flag-related news items, submitted by readers to share.

Facebook: NAVA maintains an active primary presence on social media.

Proceedings of the 24th International Congress of Vexillology (2011) available:

on line (NAVA digital library)
CD (NAVA Shop)
print (volume 1 and volume 2)

"Good" Flag, "Bad" Flag
, NAVA's guide to flag design, available:

on line
or in the NAVA Shop

Former Publications:


This newsletter, started in October 1967, was published bimonthly through 1999 then quarterly through 2017.  Originally a simple newsletter for NAVA, in 1987 editor Grace Rogers Cooper began publishing more scholarly articles.  With the creation of the Flag Research Quarterly in 2013 it converted to electronic publication, issued as needed, and provided notices, reports, and summaries of current vexillological information appearing in other media.  It was incorporated into Vexillum in 2018.

ISSN 1053-3338 (print) & ISSN 2372-1332 (online)

Flag Research Quarterly

This full-color periodical, established in 2013 and published through 2017, complemented Raven by providing a forum for more colorful vexillological articles alongside broad vexillological topics and interdisciplinary discussion among authors and scholars.  It was incorporated into Vexillum in 2018.
ISSN 2334-4407 (print) and ISSN 2474-1884 (online)


NAVA Booklets and Reprints

Links to booklets and reprints that NAVA published in the past for distribution to its membership.

If you have any questions, please contact us and reference “Publications” your subject line.