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Interest Area Meetings

Welcome to NAVA's online programming: Interest Area Meetings

Members of NAVA share interests in a number of areas and value the idea of connecting with one another through virtual meetings.  We hold frequent online events on specific topics to advance such interactions, programmed and coordinated by NAVA members.


Using the Zoom platform, in each meeting participants have the opportunity to share information with each other on the topic, through presentations, “show and tell”, panels, “mystery flags”, workshops, tours, and general discussion.


Each event runs one to three hours, and includes introductions, presentations, and open discussion.  Participants are asked to post their name and remain muted except during discussions.  Any member can join in; participation can range from active involvement to just listening in.  Guests are usually welcome.  A moderator oversees the calls, which are recorded.


Zoom meeting ID and password information is provided to NAVA members through the Event Calendar.  No RSVP is usually necessary.  Meetings are free.


Interest Areas include:  Historical Flags, Flag Design, State/provincial flags, City flags, Flags of a specific geographic area, Heraldry, Flag protocol, Revolutionary-War-era flags, Research methods, Antique flags, Teaching with flags, Military flags, Flag conservation, Fictitious flags (incl. film), 4"x6" collecting, Library matters, Flag merchandising, Meetings for kids, Flags on stamps, Nautical/Maritime flags, Political/Social movement flags, Tribal flags, Controversial flags, Flag art, Flag adoption, Vexillology as a discipline, Miscellaneous (“one-off” meetings).