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NAVA 57: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry Armory
October 6–8, 2023

NAVA met for the first time in Philadelphia, a city full of history and flags.

NAVA 57 Flag

Ryan Warrick designed the flag for NAVA 57.  The colors are the same as those of the American flag.  This references Philadelphia's history as the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Continental Congress was held.  The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of Philadelphia, including the famous crack.  There are 13 white and red v-shaped stripes, a reference to the American flag and the original 13 colonies, but also to the NAVA flag.
Nolan (Elaenia) Eickhoff chaired the flag design committee, which comprised 
Bill Aldrich, Tyler Amick, John Bertrand, Will Levin, Carlos Morales Ramírez, Tara Stark, and Cindy Williams.
See all 66 proposed designs here.

For additional photos, videos, and documents from NAVA 57:
NAVA 57 Photo Gallery
NAVA 57 Video (24 mins.)
NAVA 57—Individual Presentation Videos

NAVA 57—Program Booklet

NAVA 57—Vexi-Sites Nearby

NAVA 57—Saturday Tour (guided)

NAVA 57—Northern Tour (independent)

NAVA 57—Southern Tour (independent)

NAVA 57—Flags in Washington Square

Organizing Committee:
Steve Wheatley (chair), Peter Ansoff, Amber Atteberry, Al Cavalari, Stan Contrades, Ted Dahlburg, Art Etchells, Ted Kaye, Melvin Mason, Simon Pennon, Tara Stark
Flag Design Committee:
Nolan Eickhoff (chair), Bill Aldrich, Tyler Amick, John Bertrand, Will Levin, Carlos Morales Ramírez, Tara Stark, Cindy Williams
Key Assistance:
Mary Ansoff, Tom Berryhill, Pat Contrades, Alan Cooper, Joseph Latshaw, Tom Mason, Chris Maddish, Vinson Nash, Cait O’Donnell, Andy Richardson, Bill Trinkle

NAVA 57-2023 Group Photo

NAVA 57 Attendees at the Whitney Smith Dinner in the Ballroom of the 23rd Street Armory

NAVA 57-2003 8
The 23rd Street Armory is home to the historic Markoe Standard and its museum was a must-see for the visiting vexillologists.  The historic building dates from 1900.

The "First City Troop" 
is a private military organization, a unit of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, one of the oldest units in the United States still in active service, and among the most decorated units in the U.S. Army.  It was founded in 1774 as the Philadelphia Light Horse.  See its website for more information.
NAVA 57-2003 201
NAVA 57-2003 59
NAVA 57-2003 199
NAVA 57-2003 159
NAVA 57-2003 230
NAVA 57 Tours
Philadelphia presented a wealth of vexillological riches.  The tour on Saturday afternoon visited several sites in and near the Independence National Historical Park, including 
Carpenters' Hall and the Museum of the American Revolution.  Tours took public transit to lunch first at the Independence Beer Garden.  Registrants also received guidance on how to visit other flag-related sites within walking distance, such as the Betsy Ross Housethe National Constitution Centerthe Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Macy’s Wanamaker Organ Hall of Flags, and the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier.
NAVA 57-2003 85
NAVA 57-2003 90
NAVA 57-2003 96
NAVA 57-2003 101
The George Henry Preble Lectures
Liberty and Fame: The Standard of the Light Horse of the City of Philadelphia – Virginia Whelen, Jennifer Mass, & Dennis Boylan
The Philadelphia Civic Flag: The First Official City Flag in the Nation! – Brenda Embrey Exon

NAVA 57-2003 17
NAVA 57-2003 41
NAVA 57-2003 204
NAVA 57-2003 32
Most NAVA 57 attendees stayed at one of two nearby locations:
  • The Union League of Philadelphia, a private club whose main building was built in 1865; its Heritage Center displays Civil War artifacts, including flags.  See its website for more information.
  • The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square, an upper-middle-range hotel.
NAVA 57-2003 139
NAVA 57-2003 63
NAVA 57-2003 197
NAVA 57-2003 133
The Presentations
- Souvenirs of the Sea: Flags Over the Waves – Nick Artimovich, Columbia, Maryland
- More Than a Flag: Utah’s Adoption of the People’s Flag – 
Brian Craig, Logan, Utah
- Birds in Vexillology: Welcome to the Aviary – 
James Croft, Enosburg Falls, Vermont
- Capture the Flag: The Grim Reality Behind a Child's Game – 
John Emond, Silver Spring, Maryland
- Dawn’s First Light: A New Flag Rises Over Syracuse, New York – 
Andrew Frasier & Winn W. Wasson (presenter), Syracuse, New York
- Myths of Maryland: The Calvert, the Crossland, and the Civil War – 
Zachary Gardiner, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania (Driver Award Winner)
- The State of Identity – 
Michael Green, Indianapolis, Indiana
- Evasion and Escape: The Blood Chit Story of World War II – 
Dale Grimes, Sparrows Point, Maryland
- States Rights and State Flags: How Constitutional Change Influenced State Flags – 
Anna Jankowski, Plymouth, Minnesota
- The New American City Flags Survey of 2022 – 
Edward B. Kaye (presenter), Portland, Oregon & Minh Tan (via Zoom), Halifax, Nova Scotia 
- A Drumbeat Through History – 
Craig Nannos, Villanova, Pennsylvania
- Flags Happen: A Critical Discussion on Flags and Design – 
Laura Scofield, Brooklyn, New York
- The Unexpected History of the Schenectady ‘Liberty’ Flag: The True Story – 
Gwen Spicer, Delmar, New York
- Flags of Our Founders: A Study of Fraternal Organization Flags – 
Curtis Tarver, Greensboro, North Carolina
- Variances in Flag Manufacturing: Sacrificing Accuracy for Expediency – Dean Thomas, Beebe, Arkansas

NAVA 57—Presentation Videos

NAVA 57-2003 64
NAVA 57-2003 168
NAVA 57-2003 174
NAVA 57-2003 218
Vexi-Bits, short “show-and-tell” flag-related stories and displays of flags of interest, were presented by several NAVA members and moderated by long-time NAVA member Bill Trinkle after the President's Reception.
NAVA 57-2003 56
NAVA 57-2003 13
NAVA 57-2003 129
NAVA 57-2003 54

Awards and Honors

NAVA 57-2003 109
NAVA 57-2003 70
NAVA 57-2003 263
NAVA 57-2003 151

Fiscal Sponsors:

President’s Reception & Flags: CRW Flags
Driver Award: Bear Flag Museum, CRW Flags, The Flag Guys, Herold Flags, Jeff R. Bridgman Antiques, and
Meeting Host:  First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

Sponsors:  Tex Aitchison, Paul Alexander, Claudia Allemeier, Levi Barraclough, John Bertrand, Avanti Borucki, Jake Bullock, Tom Carrier, Tom Edwards, Mabon Finch, Bill Gentes, Joseph Giambrone, Lee Goodson, Thomas Griesedieck, Holly Gustavson, Gabriel Johnson, Bea Jones, Rich Leibson, Greg Matson, Daniel McCloskey, Tim McCloskey, Corbin McDonald, Jonathan Meade, Matt Payne, Karen Rose, Chris Sweet, Howard Wilk, Nick Wrbican

In Person Attendees: (133) 
Phil Allen
Adib Altallal
Mary Ansoff 1
Peter Ansoff
Lucas Apicella
Nick Artimovich
Amber Atteberry
Emil Backes
P. M. Backes 1
Meg Bassinson 1
Paul J. Bassinson
Dennis Boylan 2
Kyrie Bradley
Jay Bright
Kathy Carroll
Mike Carroll
Al Cavalari
Pat Contrades 1
Stan Contrades
Alan Cooper
Bard Cosman
Brian Craig
Jim Croft
Ted Dahlburg
Luca Daigle
Abby Dalton 1
Greg Dean
Zack Deery
Luca Demirağ
Chiara Dennis
Ericka Dennis 1
Fred Drews
John Emond
Art Etchells
Brenda Embrey Exon
Randall Exon 1
Jim Ferrigan
Arlo Foley 1
Brennan Foley
Coleen Foley 1
Timothy Foley 1
Daniel Galgano
Zachary Gardiner
Michael Green
Dale Grimes
Louise Grimes 1
Alan Hardy 5
Lee Herold
Miles Hinshelwood
Jennifer Holder 1
Matt Holder 1
MJ Holder
Graham Houser
Anna Jankowski
Joni Jankowski 1
Thaddeus Jankowski 1
Santé Johnson
Claire Johnson-Croft 1
Dylan Jones
Simon Pennon
Debbie Kaye 1
Ted Kaye
Steve Knowlton
Elaijah Lapay
R. Joseph Latshaw III
Stuart Ledbetter
Alan Legarreta
Will Levin
Jack Lowe
Karen Lowe 1
Grant MacArthur
Christopher Maddish
Dave Martucci
Janet Martucci 1
Melvin Mason
Thomas Mason
Jennifer Mass 2
Janice McCall 1
Aubrey McKenzie 1
Maxime Meka Meka 3
Patricia Meka-Essapo 1
Maya Grace Misra
Rich Monahan
Carlos A. Morales-Ramírez
Jim Mundy
Carver Murphy 1
Kevin Murphy 1
McQuillin Murphy
Craig Nannos 2
Vinson Nash
Dennis Nelson 1
Erika Nelson 1
Nava Nelson
TJ Nickerson
Cait O'Donnell
Ikechukwu Okereke
David Ott
Jeanette Palmer 1
James Petrick
Kristin Petrick 1
Rachel Phelan 4
Andy Richardson
Joe Rockenbach
Colleen Rosby 1
Peggy Rose 1
Laura Scofield
Clyde Simpson
Collin Simpson
Anu Slorah 1
Gwen Spicer
Tara Stark
Bruce Stewart
Brian Stokle
Jonathan Sussman 1
Curtis Tarver
Dean Thomas
Gus Tracchia
Bill Trinkle
Ryan Warrick
Winn W. Wasson
Chris Weicker
Nate Whalen
Shawn Whalen 1
Steve Wheatley
Virginia Whelan 2
Cindy Williams
Jae Williams 1
Paxton Wills 1
Georgia Wyatt 1
Rick Wyatt
Alex Zimmerman
Alexia Zuliani 1
Footnotes: 1 Companion
2 Speaker
3 Attendee from Cameroon
4 Attendee from Ireland
5 Attendee from United Kingdom

Streaming Attendees: (21)
Pat A
Claudia Allemeier
Cybil Artimovich
Dave Carter
Brian Cham
Meghan Curtin
Andrew Frasier
Richard Gardiner
Joshua Hodge
Elena's iPhone
Liam's iPhone
James Johnson
Rich Leibson
Estelle Miller
Matt Renzelmann

Chris Sweet
Minh Tan
Alexander Tomberlin
Mihai Turcu
Stuart Wamsley